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Around the Table

After many months of planning, dreaming, and designing - I am delighted to share with you about the collaboration I was able to put together with some beautiful people this year.

Together with Lynette and Julianna we sat down over tea and coffee and began dreaming up an evening gathered around the table. Our vision was to create an intimate setting for people to connect over thoughtfully made and nourishing food, and meaningful conversation.

As a former barista and waitress, I’ve had a long interest in hosting. It’s always been my heart that my ceramics may amplify the beauty of peoples experiences together as they gather over food and drink. Over the past year I began thinking about how I could challenge myself and design a dinnerware set slightly differently from my usual design. I started envisioning what a full collection of pieces might look like, spread across a large table filled with delicious and nourishing food. I started playing around with a new technique for dinner plates and after many attempts came up with a design I truly loved. After hearing Julinanna’s ideas for the menu we were able to decide what other pieces to include for the set.

It was really a dream seeing everything come together. There was so much excitement with each unloading of the kiln. It was such a gift being able to work with such a talented team of women. Talking about our intentions and hopes for what the dinner party would look like, designing the table, hosting our table guests, and witnessing the combination of our passions + giftings to make this evening happen.

The dinnerware items made for this collaboration project are available for purchase. They are thoughtfully and carefully created and go well in any setting. If you are interested please message me directly. Alternatively, you can go through my online shop if you are needing shipping.


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