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It is my passion to create unique, functional, and simplistic ceramics to be used in life’s everyday moments. Everything is wheel thrown or hand built using various stoneware clays. The process of making each pot is done right out of my home studio in Manitoba, Canada. Pottery is very hands on with many steps and cannot be rushed. Each block of clay has to be cut, weighed, measured, and all the air wedged out. From there I mold and shape the clay on the wheel - centering, pushing, pulling, smoothing, and trimming. Each piece is then slowly fired twice in the kiln around 2200 F. The first firing changes the clay into stone, making each piece ready to sand, bathe, and glaze. The second firing is where the final transformation occurs. Unless otherwise noted, each piece is food, dishwasher and microwave safe. Hand washing is recommended for longevity.

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