"How often- even before we began- have we declared a task "impossible"? And how often have we construed a picture of ourselves as being inadequate? A great deal depends upon the thought patterns we choose and on the persistence with which we affirm them." ~Piero Ferrucci

One of the peaceful parts of my week is my weekly yoga date. Sheena has the cutest little studio in Morden, Harmony Tree. With it being in one of the local historical buildings, the serene and cozy environment makes the class all the more enjoyable. CBC's radio show Tonic is often playing jazz on my drive to and from my classes (Most people don't know this, but I secretly love jazz music.. I usually find myself singing Frank Sinatra & Norah Jones). I usually go to evening classes, I find Stephen Street is especially peaceful when all the daytime traffic is gone. I love walking down this street with all the tall lamp posts, the big old white church that someone has turned into their home, the big brick building with the clock tower that is now the art gallery, all the quaint boutiques, and a couple cafes dotting the street corners.

Yoga was always one of those things I was told would be beneficial in managing stress and tension from day to day events, while aiding in things like muscle strength and circulation.. okay so you'll find there are a lot of benefits once you start... especially with there being various types of classes. One of my favourite styles has been yin yoga. Holding the poses much deeper and longer demands proper breathing and focus. This allows for a greater releasing of tension helping to more fully embrace the pose. Sometimes we have done quicker flows between the long yin poses for more variety, focusing on balance and core strength. Poses which require patience and endurance are also reminders to persevere in any of life's difficult moments... cleaning up the glitter explosion your student made, going to that dreaded appointment to talk about test results, making it through another migraine, the news your grandpa passed away, the call your brother was in an accident, holding your tongue when you are angry, saying "I'm sorry" or "I forgive you"... performing vulnerable songs live for a yoga class when life just seems to keep giving you hit after hit. Maybe if I focus on my breathing all the anxiety will melt away and I'll have strength to get through this...

Going to the studio for a couple of years, you slowly get to know some of your fellow yogis and instructors. Sheena had the great idea that I should play live music for one of her classes. This idea was somewhat nerve racking as I had never played music for any type of exercise class. I prepped like crazy the week of so I could fill the hour long class with melodies as everyone would flow through their sequences. Despite my nerves, I felt a lot of excitement in my prepping process. It was reassuring realizing my butterflies weren't a result of stress but rather the unknowing of doing a totally new type of performance. I was trying to wrap my head around how and if the yoga flows would line up with my music. Surprisingly this all happened naturally, it was rather amazing to see the silhouettes in the dimly lit room all flowing together in the mirror across from me. With candles lit between the mats, the room held a soft glow. The sound of my instruments and my voice echoed around the room. My heart danced. I did it.

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