The Songwriting Process

Music is one of my greatest passions. For me, it’s a form of expression, an art, a story book, and a way to connect with our Creator. It’s rather ironic that the moments I desire to write are when the sounds & words never seem to piece together quite right. It’s the moments I least expect in which the songs come to life. Oh how I love those moments. Those moments remind me to have patience. There are often greater things to come, outside of our own plans & timing.

We often seek things when we aren’t ready for them… when we should really “just wait”.

Sometimes I picture my songwriting process as though I’m tied down while all I want is to be free. Not that I try and run from song-writing, I’m so passionate about it! It’s just sweet how something like songwriting can be such a time of teaching & surrender. With time. I often feel as though I’m being molded through the process, as I seek what the songs are supposed to voice. Sometimes voicing things I wish could be tucked away in silence. However, the things we wish to ignore can have so much breath when we let them break through.

Whenever I write, in one way or another, it’s always something very pressing on my heart. The lyrics for the songs may be inspired from convictions, frustrations & hardships in my life or those around me, but also the beauty of the twisted world we live in. The everyday experiences in life. As John Mark Mc Millan says… “I process things through music, that’s how I deal with issues… it’s like having a conversation with God.” Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of my story! It is my desire that the songs will bring new inspirations and questions to the surface.

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