Sacred Space

Sometimes I forget how valuable it is to carve out time for ourselves. “Treating myself as a precious object will make me stronger.” I’ve been trying to remind myself of this daily. I’m always amazed by how much better I feel about my day when I let myself believe this.

This last week I allowed myself to do a few simple things that I often push into the corner as things such as work, bills, cleaning, maintaining a social life etc. can so easily get in the way of those precious simple moments of solitude. One of the things this week included finding a sacred space- somewhere I could think and express myself. This ended up being my oak table in my dining room with watercolor pencils spilled all over and Samantha Crain playing in the background for a little serenade. What’s your ideal sacred space? Mine can often take several different forms. Other simple things of value this week included purchasing a new t-shirt, wearing a favorite outfit just because, writing friends postcards, and sorting photographs. It’s funny how big of a difference these things are making. I’m already feeling more alive in my songwriting~ if songs had flavor then I imagine their notes are growing a little sweeter everyday.

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