Healing Scars

“In order to recover our sense of hope and the courage to create, we must acknowledge and mourn the scars that are blocking us.”

Over the last several months I had been battling with completing lyrics for a song which addresses a few of the more recent “losses” in my life… the suicide of a loved one, depression, sickness, when the word cancer becomes true… Every time I began a new verse it was a reminder of these deep hurts.

It sings… oh how these things they cut so deep/ all out of love/ but how do we love?/ what makes our heart weep?

Capturing how the ones we love most press firmly against our hearts as we have to watch them endure pain. How in the world could I view these losses in any positive frame?? In where would I find liberation? I’m still not sure how, although I’m working towards healing from my scars. It is so stinkin’ hard sometimes trying to see what lies ahead of the fog. I’m learning to ask “What next?” Instead of “Why me?” The lyrics of this song have at last found a little peace allowing the music to gradually come more alive everyday. We will see where it leads. “Every end is a beginning. We know that. But we tend to forget it as we move through grief.”

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