Debut Album Gratitude

I was driving into the city with my mother the other week while I asked her with excitement, “Would you like to hear the final mixes for the album?” As we were listening, the reality actually sunk in that I’M PUTTING OUT A CD! WHOA! This dream is becoming a reality! It blows my mind (in a wonderful way) how this entire project has been coming together through an amazing team of people. As the album release is quickly rising (keep your eyes open!) Planning a celebration & release party will also be in the works (maybe even a few for those of you in different cities)! I would just like to say how much I appreciate you all! This is simply a blog post to give you insight to the community of people I have been blessed to work with (all so talented and creative in their individual ways).

As a child I remember my brother and I begging my father to sing and play our favorite kids songs on his classical guitar and sing along (and these weren’t your typical kids songs, they must have been inspired by El Paso). I would stand in church just taking in all the people singing around me and absolutely loving it. I remember singing my first duet in church with my dad sitting on the front stairs of the stage together. These simple music memories grew greatly from private music lessons & choirs to teaching, performing, & song-writing, and now putting out a debut album! So first of all, thank you to my family. Your support in my creativity blows me away. Thanks for your abundance of encouragement, & unconditional love. Mom~ for your overflowing compassion. You are a prayer warrior. Dad~ you inspire in every action.

Thank you to my incredible friends for pouring so much interest and quality time into my life & sharing my excitements. Thanks for giving me a place to bring new ideas out of my head & coming to so many events!

Thank you the people of Winkler~ with only being here for a year and half I am blown away by how much you have made me part of your community and welcomed me into your lives! All artists & musicians~ you are an inspiration, I am thankful for how genuine and supportive you are. I would especially like to thank;

The band~ for adding that extra touch of life into the songs & sharing moments of laughter. (Lyle Suderman on bass, Mike Hoeppner on percussion, Gustavo Peters on 2nd acoustic guitar & background vocals).

Gil Dudgeon @ Dudge Recording Studio~ for opening up your home, the use of your sunroom, & your endurance. For your many hours spent engineering, mixing, & mastering. Tina Wiebe from Tina Wiebe Photography~ for your friendship & your artistic eye. Daniel Loewen (graphic designer & illustrator)~ for your extra touch in putting the entire layout together, and creating posters! Pixels Inc. ~ for your excellence. Kym Wohlgemut~ for your friendship, spunk, & videography. Grindstone Bakery~ for hosting and providing the venue for the project fundraiser, your hospitality. Chris Kitchen~ for sound & lights. Hearth (Jesse Nikkel & Micah Zacharias)~ your musicality & opening for the fundraiser. My Listeners- for opening your heart to these songs & stories. My Creator- for your life, hope, freedom, faithfulness, & inspiration.

Also thanks so much to all who have supported me by making this project possible through donations!

That’s a lot of thanks! Basically, what I’m saying is… you guys are wonderful.


Jessica Rachelle

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