Crazy or Sane?

“Trusting our creativity..we may feel- and look erratic, this is a normal part of getting unstuck. Going sane feels just like going crazy.” -Julia Cameron

I was driving in the car today with my husband and I began to randomly make weird noises, similar to my goofy opera voice I suppose. This side of me doesn’t always come out in my socializing, more so in the everyday parts of life. Later on we began chatting about this aspect in our personalities, he claims I’m much weirder than he, but I’m not sure I agree. I say this all to make the point that it’s normal to let a little crazy out. Besides, if we didn’t we may actually become crazy.

I find I especially need the crazy aspects of my personality to come out when I’m dreaming up new creative ideas… be it singing in the shower, frolicking through a field, making silly faces, dancing like a tomato plant would if it could, speaking in funny voices. I dance with my dog. These little and silly things are part of who we are. But we have to embrace them to find a little more creative freedom. Some days allowing myself to be creative through my songwriting (place your creative expression here) I feel giddy, other times frustrated. It’s hard creating “new normals” for our ideals. Let’s let the crazy out. I guarantee it will at least help a little.

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